About Us

The WALL-DIVISION Ltd. is the first company in Hungary presents its self-made leather wall panels to the customers in an exclusive environment.
We offer products which are designed and produced by ourselves, therefore we are ready to implement your unique ideas. We have many years of experience on the field of customized furniture manufacturing, which knowledge creates an excellent basis for the design wall panel production.

The main categories of our product range are following:

Our Standard Size Padded Wall Panels are geometrical shapes (triangles, diamonds, quadrilaterals, hexa- and octagons)and  they are available in different sizes. These shapes are suitable to be ordered into a wide variety of unique patterns. For further information about sizes and shapes please contact us on below.

At our Quilted Wall Panels the coating and the padding are sewn through with a visible thick thread and so forms the very unique pattern of the surface. At this panel type you can choose the quilting pattern, the coating material and the color of the thread.

Our Tufted Wall Panels have a spot-structured surface. The tufting of the wall panels can be made with various decorative elements like buttons, nailheads, crystals or even with LED-lights.

Our Wall Panels for Children are made from child-friendly materials. They represent nice fairy tale characters or animals. Our Kid-Panels are not only decorative and make friendly the children’s room but provide protection and warmth by their softness.

Moreover we are ready to make Unique Panels as well, like arched, semicircular, all-round or amorphous shapes too. The limit is only the imagination of the designer.

Our customers can choose from thousands of coating materials, which you can view in our showroom. If you visit us, you can have a look at the entire above mentioned wall panel types, with different materials, patterns and colors, in different formations. In our showroom there are hundreds of square meters of wall surfaces covered with wall panels in order to inspire the interior designers.

What is the leather wall panel good for?

  • For contemporary interiors filled with glass, stone and concrete, upholstered walls are a gift from design heaven; they bring a new texture into your home. Our padded wall panels add warmth to the space and bring a modern, luxury and elegant style to the rooms.
  • Bedrooms are an obvious choice for wall panels; a typical use is the headboard so as to make a warm and soft surface around the bed. The panels give the space a snug and intimate atmosphere.
  • Using padded wall in large spaces like corridors, staircases, big living rooms panels is also a good choice, because the panels give not only an exclusive look to the space but eliminate the problem of sound reflection of big spaces as well.
  • Upholstered walls in home theater rooms do much more than just smarten up the interior by acting as the perfect acoustic shields. Smartly placed wall panels can keep out the noise from outside and also eliminate any echo in the comfy home theater.
  • Padded wall panel is an excellent solution for wall-inset of television, as it hides the cable and gives a modern and elegant style at the same time.
  • Using wall panels in a hall or in dining rooms is very nice option since they bring warmth into the room and they are good cleanable.
  • Bars and Restaurants, Meeting rooms or Receptions seem to be popular choices for upholstered wall backdrops, as they make both practical and visual sense. An elegant wall panel creation sets the mood and improves the overall appeal of the room.


Ákos Horváth – Managing Director
Phone: +36 20 913 1343


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